At Front Line Audio, we offer you an open creative environment, an efficient process, and a finely tuned sound to bring you a well tailored and superb product. Between carefully getting to know your vision, and our versatile set of detailed tools; We offer a truly outstanding product that you and your fans can enjoy for years to come.

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Expert Advice

You're in good hands with us. With our flexible team of session musicians and expert advice in production, songwriting, and marketing, We're fully equipped to bring your music to the front line of the industry.

A Creative Environment

We believe in offering our clients an environment in which they can be their most creative. We offer edits and changes during the tracking process to ensure that your best ideas are given the spotlight. And the best part? Dedicated songwriting help can be bundled with your mixing and mastering services!

Clear Communication

During the tracking/mixing process. Clear and direct communication is important to ensure the product meets and exceeds your requirements. We pride ourselves on keeping an open line of communication with all clients to ensure efficiency and a beautiful product.




Front Line Audio offers in house and remote mixing options. Through our state of the art tools we offer our clients a truly exceptional mixing process that highlights creativity, efficiency and creating a marketable product.

Mixer Keys
Recording studio equipment


Mastering your music is absolutely paramount this day in age and has been for many decades now. To help you keep up, and keep your music at the front lines of the industry; We offer mastering services both individually and bundled with mixing services.


At Front Line Audio, we believe in releasing the best product possible. We offer songwriting services to help you transform your ideas into a full fledged dynamic product, to keep your fans coming back for more.

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Meet The Team!


Dillon Loucks

Owner And Mixing Engineer

Dillon Loucks founded Front Line Audio in early 2019. Through 10 years of of experience writing, releasing and mixing music; He has compiled much of the knowledge needed to not only build, but nourish a successful music release.

JD Walker

Session Drummer

JD Walker is a well-established session drummer, hired gun, and drum instructor within the Cleveland and Akron music scenes. To date he’s recorded live drums for a multitude of genres and commercial spots. A specialist in metal and metalcore, JD currently plays for the progressive metal act Dreamwalker as well as many other projects. His excellence has been recognized through multiple sponsorships including Los Cabos Drumsticks and Attack Drumheads.

Isaiah Sebastian

Songwriting Consultant And Session Musician

Isaiah Sebastian has worked with artists across the country, and even debuted a beautiful vocal audition on American Idol. He has built an impressive resume, attending Berklee Music College and becoming an honoree of the New Mexico State Allstate Choir. With a strong emphasize on music theory and good songwriting practice, Isaiah has been able to cultivate success across multiple genres, including metal, R&B, Jazz and Rock.